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Gvahim is a non-profit organization dedicated to equipping new Olim with the necessary tools and up-to-date skills to find suitable employment, build successful careers, and develop their professional networks in Israel.

Our mission is to facilitate the successful integration of new Olim into the Israeli labor market.

Our team of HR specialists, career consultants, and professional mentors work closely with each Oleh to “repackage” their skills and adapt their experience to meet the demands of the Israeli job market.

We offer training programs and extensive professional support, empowering Olim to become fully integrated and thriving members of Israeli society. By providing individualized guidance and fostering strong relationships starting with our exclusive network, we help Olim achieve their personal and professional goals in Israel.

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Have a question?

Common challenges
for olim

We know that starting afresh in a new environment can pose many challenges.

Olim are often unaware of the unique value and huge advantage they bring
to the Israeli market.

Our goal is to actualize the potential in each Oleh by showing them how
to overcome these challenges and turn them into opportunities.


Pursuing professional opportunities while dealing with a language barrier is challenging. Jobs that were available to you back home may seem
out of reach if you haven’t learned Hebrew yet.

Non-relevant experience
for local market

Many Olim arrive highly experienced
in a field which is not relevant
to the Israeli market and without
a clear understanding of how their skills can be applied or adapted.

A new interview process

The standard interview process
and business lingo in your native country can be very different
to the Israeli way of doing things.

Different working culture

Happiness in the workplace goes far beyond the job itself. Without social adaptation skills, Olim can find it hard to integrate into their workplace
and work alongside their teammates.

Lack of network

Olim may possess all the skills
and knowledge for building a great career, but if nobody knows about you, you’ll never get a chance to put them to good use.

Changing professional field

Changing careers can require retraining and updating qualifications. It can be hard to navigate these steps alone in a new country.

Gvahim was created by professionals who have overcome these common challenges.
We offer mentoring, support, and a professional network to help you gain the mindset for success.


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