Vocational Training

The Gvahim Vocational program offers a trade-focused, employment absorption track, with employment guaranteed at the program’s conclusion. Depending on the current demands of the Israeli labor market, participants will receive training in specific industries and will be set to enter the workplace.

This cutting-edge program will be conducted at the Lavon Business-Technology Park, strategically located in Northern Israel.
The training program is scheduled to commence in June 2024 and will span a duration of five months.
The program is designed to conclude in November 2024, at which point successful participants are anticipated to enter employment.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You have made your Aliyah no earlier than 2013
  • You are able to speak basic Hebrew
  • Technical skills or a background in technical education
  • Good health
  • Strong motivation to acquire a sought-after specialty
  • Successful completion of the interview and selection process

During the training period, participants will receive a monthly stipend.

The curriculum includes internships in the production kitchens of hotels “Dan,” “Isrotel,” and “Fattal” located in northern Israel.

If you’re looking to pursue a career change and become a manager in prestigious hotel chains like Fattal, Dan, or Isrotel, don’t miss this opportunity!

Профессиональные программы Гвахим

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  • Hebrew Ulpan
  • Professional training / retraining / adaptation
  • Employment
  • Successful completion of employer exam and interview
  • Exact details (date/time/location) of the program are determined according to the available resources of the employers
  • There are four programs planned for 2023 in various cities. Follow the announcements on our website and on social media to keep informed
  • Each program is specialized for a different job industry.
    The duration of each program averages between two to six months, depending on the field
  • Classes are usually held five mornings a week

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information:


Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information: