Meet our new colleague, Luciana Druker.

“I could see the impact that Gvahim makes in the lives of Olim.”

Please meet our new colleague, Luciana Druker.

“I was born in Argentina but made Aliyah when I was 20 years old. After spending one year in Israel in a ‘Hachshara’ program, I wanted to make my Zionist dreams come true.” One year later, Luciana landed in Israel as an Olah Chadasha.

Before joining Gvahim

Luciana lives in Kfar Saba with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. She received her BA from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and studied Human Resources Management at Bar Ilan University. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her children.

Before joining us at Gvahim, Luciana worked almost 11 years at Israel Experience as the Internship Director for the Latin America desk. There she helped place young professionals in internships at Israeli companies through the Masa Internship Program. As a result, she also helped Israeli companies find talented interns.

Time for a new challenge

After 11 years, she decided it was time for a new challenge. She saw an open position at Gvahim and got excited: “I wanted to work for Gvahim,” she explains, “because I wanted to do something through which I can help people.” As an Olah, she finds it crucial to make a difference in people’s lives. “This is something I saw at Gvahim.”

Luciana has been working now for three weeks at Gvahim as a Career Counselor. “The work at Gvahim is similar to my previous job, but not the same.” About her work at Gvahim, she says, “For now, my goal is to learn more about the job and understand how I can help my Olim the best.” She explains that she still has many things to learn, but her colleagues are kind and helpful, always there to answer her questions. “This makes me feel comfortable working at Gvahim.”

First week at Gvahim

Her first week at Gvahim was hectic: “Everything revolved around ‘Olim Innovate’, the Aliyah Week Event held by Gvahim, so I could feel the energy going around.” She points out that everybody wanted to help. “During the event, I could see the impact that Gvahim makes in the lives of Olim, as well as for employers and mentors, because it becomes a big part of their lives. That really impressed me.”