Gvahim promoting aliyah in Argentina and Uruguay

From Friday, September 2nd to Wednesday, the 7th,  Maayan and Jennifer from the Gvahim Aliyah Prep and The Gvahim Tech programs went on a memorable trip to Argentina and Uruguay. They visited several Jewish communities, synagogues, Jewish schools, Aliyah fairs, and organizations all over the country. They explained how we could help them from the Aliyah preparations stage until after their actual aliyah.

On Friday, they traveled to the town of Casu and visited the local synagogue. It was heartwarming how tight-knit the community was.

Following this, they visited several ulpanim that are part of an Idud Aliyah program from the World Zionist Organization. The visits were not only for those who intend to make Aliyah (including several current Aliyah Prep participants) but also for people with a general interest in Israel.

During one of the visits, Gvahim welcomed almost 150 people in one night! During these visits, Maayan and Jennifer not only spoke about Gvahim Tech and Gvahim Aliyah Prep but shared their personal Aliyah story as well.

They were also at the ExpoAtid 2022 Aliyah Fair in Argentina. This fair, organized by OfekIsraeli and The Jewish Agency for Israel, had an overall outreach of 1300+ through a series of different events held in Buenos Aires, Rosario, and Montevideo, Uruguay.

Jennifer and Maayan took part in several panels and presentations about employment in the StartUpNation and the current situation of the Israeli #jobmarket and Hi-tech sector. We want to give a shout-out and a huge thanks to Julia Tetelboim, a proud Gvahim alumnus who works today at Meta as a Tech Talent Sourcer. She shared with the audience her personal story and how thanks to Gvahim, she keeps reaching new heights.

They also provided information about their respective Gvahim Programs at the Gvahim Tech, and Aliyah Prep stands. Here they helped hundreds of people who came to meet them. Jeniffer was impressed how “people just kept coming to both of us with tons of questions about our programs. Even after the organization dismantled our booth and until the very last minute when the gates closed for visitors!” Some people even came just to meet and thank them or give them a hug. Despite many of them already having an aliyah date. As Maayan recalled, “It was humbling and exciting to finally meet so many people in person who participated in the Online Aliyah Prep program. And to know that we made a difference to them.”

Afterwards, Maayan went to Uruguay. Here was another aliyah fair, albeit smaller. Maayan had personal consultations with Olim and participated in the panel. At that same time, Jennifer kept visiting different ulpanim and communities throughout Argentina.

Having met and helped so many people, and with many potential olim and Gvahim participants after this trip, we can definitely call this a great success. We can’t wait to see lots of Argentinian olim soon as a result of these meaningful and loaded days.