Yonathan Rubinstein – TEAM MEMBER – Olim Medical

Yonathan Rubinstein made Aliyah 10 years ago, lives in JLM, and has been working at Gvahim for 6 months in the new program Olim Medical. Together with Oren Mizrahi, the Director of the program, Yonathan helps doctors, nurses, pharmacists to navigate the complex transition from France to Israel.

What do you wish for your Olim Medical program in 5778?
I hope that the coming year will be a continuation of the impressive growth we had during this first year of operation. We have reached a very wide network in the health industry in Israel, and we are helping more and more doctors, nurses, pharmacists to integrate in Israel in their professions. Health professionals from France can bring a high value in experience and knowledge to the Israeli health system. I wish for the next year to mark another jump ahead in numbers and success stories.

What do you wish to yourself?
Naturally I hope that my family will continue growing – Yonathan is married and father of a little girl who just turned one – in Israel.
On the professional level, I wish to continue coming to Gvahim – an organization that I discovered little more than six months ago – with the same smile I have today, the smile of one who comes to work happy to contribute and to bring and all what I am good at and all of my background and knowledge.

Tell us about a special family tradition for Rosh Ha-Shana
To be honest, in my family there isn’t much more than apples and honey. But at my wife’s table I found about many more traditional foods that we eat during the Rosh Ha-Shana dinner, for example fish, to represent the blessing we give that we may be head and not tail, leaders and not herd.

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GV MAG – Issue n. 1 – Rosh Ha-Shanah 5778 / September 2017