Yael Schneider – ALUMNA – Career Program #54, working at: MATRIX

Yael Schneider - ALUMNA - Career Program n.54, currently at MATRIX

There are many words that describe Yael Stephanie Schneider, but melancholy isn’t one of them.

In fact, this Colorado native is the complete opposite. Bright-eyed and bushy tailed is more like it. Bubbly, too. Yael immediately grabs your attention when she enters the room, but it’s also the wonder in her eyes that makes you notice her. She is curious, but positive about her surroundings and you can’t help but wonder what she is really thinking when she looks at what’s going on around her.
On weekends, she is active, making plans to go hiking in the nature. During the week, she accomplishes anything and everything she puts her mind to in a new corporate setting.

Still finding her place in Israel (though that’s probably only because she seems to take in EVERYTHING), Yael recently volunteered for Gvahim, which helped set her up with a great new entry-level job in a field unlike anything Yael has ever done. That field is social media.
Get to know Yael a little better with her short and sweet answers to the following questions. Let’s pick her brain, shall we?

When did you make Aliyah? What has the experience been like?
I made Aliyah almost five years ago. It’s definitely been a journey. Starting out my Aliyah was definitely – you’re going over the bumps and grinds until getting situated and find your place.

What do you love about being in Israel?
I love the community aspect, that everyone wants to help each other, and it’s very warm.

How did you get started volunteering with Gvahim?
I did the Career Program, Gvahim 54 and at the end, a volunteer opportunity arose and I love volunteering so I went for it. It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve gained a lot of great friends and great community.

What kinds of things do you do for Gvahim?
I did a lot of Excel sheets and a lot of researching, phone calls – we were setting up a new software engineer program.

I heard you just recently got a job! Was it through volunteering? Was it through Gvahim?
Yes, so with Gvahim, I volunteered with them and they do the job placements. Two months after I finished my program and started volunteering, I was also offered a job at Matrix.

So obviously, you are the epitome of “New Beginnings” right now!
I have experienced a lot of “new beginnings recently.” Moving to Israel was one and starting a new career path with a new job is another.

What are your upcoming work-related and personal goals for the New Year?
This year, I want to learn as much as possible and hopefully meet the love of my life.

What do you wish for in the New Year?
To be happy.

by Simona Shemer, Gvahim Alumna, journalist and contributing editor of GV MAG

GV MAG – Issue n. 1 – Rosh Ha-Shanah 5778 / September 2017