Twenty years ago, Tania Amar was a bright-faced olah from France ready to make an impact on her new Israeli homeland. Having come with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Finance from the University of Paris-Dauphine and work experience at the French energy consortium AREVA, she set about making an imprint on the Israeli job market.

When you look at her impressive resume (complete with marketing, management, and business development roles at large, recognizable hi-tech companies like Comverse, NICE, Click Software, JVP, and more,) you can understand why she was fitting as one of the first mentors for Gvahim. In truth, when she began her mentoring at Gvahim 10 years ago, there was, in fact, no actual Gvahim association yet. Her role took place under the Rashi Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting French Olims. Her involvement and good reputation helped her rise in the ranks to become a Gvahim board member, developing new programs, and working with Gvahim teams on new initiatives such as the recently launched Gvahim Community. Today, alongside her important Gvahim duties, Tania is the co-founder of an international consulting firm which works with B2B companies and early stage startups to develop marketing, go-to-market, and customer experience programs and strategies.

Gvahim is proud to call Tania Amar a Board Star and a Gvahim success story.

You’ve worked in many large corporate companies. Why the decision to start your own firm?
I love to try out new things. Aliyah was already a testament to that. I usually don’t like to be too comfortable so I am always looking for new professional challenges and fun projects to initiate.
I recently had the opportunity to join an established Israeli consultant and so I did. I felt that it was the right time for me to work closely with startups and contribute my broad experience in launching new technologies and products internationally.
To have my own destiny in my hands and the freedom to initiate my own new projects with a meaningful impact in Israel, these are key drivers for me. Now I feel that my partner and I have shaped a good model to do just that!  I live in THE country of entrepreneurship and my place is to help develop and promote this amazing eco-system abroad.

What would you tell new olim who want to follow in your footsteps or find the right job for themselves?
If you feel passionate about a specific project, go for it! Making Aliyah gives a lot of positive energy to try new things, so it’s worth giving it a try. Gvahim can certainly help with your first steps. But…make sure to  come with a strong and unique  value proposition that you strongly believe in because you will need to fight for it.

If your direction is to look for a steady job, it’s also critical to come to the market with a high level of energy and motivation. Making Aliyah says a lot about you and your ability to take risks and challenge yourself, so use it as a key differentiator when interviewing. However, finding a job is only the beginning of a long journey of your integration in Israeli.  Make sure to spend time with your colleagues, even outside your department. The interaction with your work environment will be really important for a successful integration. Personally, while trying very hard to integrate the Israeli business environment, I also always kept very strong roots into my French culture. I believe that the double-culture is a very unique asset we have and it needs to be cultivated. It’s about bringing the “best of both worlds” to the table.

Finally, a key professional success factor in Israel is Networking. Like I am preaching in my mentoring sessions, networking doesn’t end when you found a job. Make sure to find the time to continue developing your network while working. It’s much easier to do when you are not looking for a job so enjoy it! It is also your opportunity to start helping others and perpetuate the supportive cycle.

What does the idea of “New Beginnings” mean to you?
“New beginnings” is kind of my personal motto. I am a big believer in the power of change and what it brings to people who dare to try new adventures. It obviously resonates very strongly for me, as I am, again, taking a new professional turn.

Does your family have any special traditions for Rosh Hashana?
My family has been a mixture of French and Israeli cultures since I founded a new home with my Israeli-born spouse, Alon, who is also a Gvahim mentor. During Rosh Hashana, we combine the rituals from both origins with some nice Tunisian cuisine- from my parents- to spice it all up.
Shana Tova!

By Simona Shemer, Gvahim Alumna and Contributing Editor of GV MAG

GV MAG – Issue n. 1 – Rosh Ha-Shanah 5778 / September 2017