Tal Kriesler – NOTRAFFIC – TheHive Ashdod #7

The NoTraffic founders wear the smiles of the winners. And winners they are: they got first place at the Demo Day on September 12th, closing the accelerator of TheHive Ashdod, batch n. 7. When we interview Tal Kreisler, CEO, their start-up is already testing in the US.NoTraffic is a tool that enables real time traffic analysis, all based on AI algorithms. Safety increases, better driving experience, happy and safe drivers.

Your start-up NoTraffic won the Demo Day at Ashdod, where all the start-ups of Batch n7 presented their projects – mazal tov! Now what?
One of our targets of this year was to win the Demo Day, and that’s done, we are very happy of it. Now we running towards the next milestone. Yesterday Uriel – co-founder and CTO – flew to DC to a program with 6 Startups where we switch to testing mode – this is third time we do testing, until now it was minor tests, but this will be in a larger scale.
After the US testing, in November we have a planned pilot in Ashdod with the Ashdod Municipality. TheHive by Gvahim made the first connection and now we are in direct relationship with the Municipality. Next, we are in talks for more pilots with two more municipalities. These pilots are taking us to smaller details on which street lights we will try our product on.
In parallel we are working on a 18 months fundraising with the real product: we aim to raise 2 Million Dollars.
And looking even further, our next big step is moving to the US market to become global. We want Israel to benefit from our product, but the future of NoTraffic is to become global.

Let me take you back to where it all started: so Uriel on his car is stuck at a never-ending red light, nobody else is on the road in other directions. What happened next that brought you guys here?
Uriel is a very special guy: he likes problems – that’s a funny thing to say about a person, but it’s really true – and likes finding solutions for the problems. Uriel is a visionary. Once the traffic light question hit him, he studied everything that can be studied about traffic regulations and laws, and started working on the hardware (he has a background in security). He soon realized that he needed a pure algorithm person and found Or, the current CMO. After working on the tech part, they felt need of a business person and they found me through mutual friends. All happened through friends, including Uriel being introduced to his future wife, and talking about new beginnings: they are getting married in 2 months! We are all good friends, so this challenging journey becomes also fun.
Or and Uriel started to apply to different accelerators, and a friend recommended TheHive. We don’t have a particular relation with Ashdod to begin with, TheHive in Ashdod was chosen because we needed a good program for support and connections. And about TheHive – the vibe in the accelerator is all about cooperation, no competition whatsoever – we all learn from each other, we all very are appreciative of every success of the other startups. After completing the TheHive Ashdod, we applied also to DRIVE, an accelerator for smart mobility. After TheHive we did also Drive, more specific for our sector.

As a team made of Israelis and olim chadashim, what is in your experience the added value of the ole chadash in a start-up?
Many benefits: you want to be global, and you check a lot of markets, you have to meet a lot of people from many other places, you have to learn a lot. The fact that there is one of us who comes from a different part of the world and knows the culture and the language, is a great value. But really, it’s not just the language: it’s the know-how – an Argentinian knows how to approach and evaluate Spanish speaking markets – that is a great added value/
In the specific case, Uriel came to Israel with his family and due to financial issues he has been supporting his family since he was 16 . After he was part of the exit in Trusteer at the age of 29 he bought a house for his parents – his family story gives him drive and passion to succeed.

Make a wish for yourselves for the next year.
We will reach our milestone, I hope that by next year we will be after fundraising. And we want to build our company the way we want it, tailor-made to our dreams, with the DNA of three friends – not just office, a people’s company – with a holistic view giving to the each of us the possibility to express themselves. Like Steve Job said – I don’t hire people to tell them what to do, I hire people so they tell me what to do.

What is the most unexpected thing you did/ate on a Rosh Hashana?
We did a company BBQ for Rosh Hashana – we sent Uriel, the Argentinian – to take care of the food shopping for 8 people, one of them a vegetarian. He came back with 11 kilo of meat. It was like sending a kid to a candy store – he couldn’t resist to buying all the good meat. And that tells a lot about Uriel and our group.

by Daniela Fubini, Gvahim Director of Marketing, and GV MAG co-Editor

GV MAG – Issue n. 1 – Rosh Ha-Shanah 5778 / September 2017