Special Relief Fund For Olim

Special Relief Fund 
For Ukrainian Olim

Emergency Relief Fund to Support Ukrainian New Immigrants

About this campaign


The Ukrainian Jewish community comprises ~40K individuals, and an additional ~150K eligible to make Aliyah based on the Law of Return. Estimations are that ~20K Ukrainian Jews will arrive in Israel during March-April 2022, and ~30K more until the end of the year. Most of them will arrive without economic resources. Moreover, males between the ages of 18-60 have been banned from leaving the country, as full military mobilization has been declared, the painful result is that families will be making Aliyah without them in the short term. Israel and the Jewish world need to solidarize in this time of crisis with our brothers.


For 16 years, Gvahim has been a leading Aliyah organization, specializing in encouraging Aliyah, and connecting new immigrants (Olim) from all over the world to the Israeli labor market. Gvahim has 16 years of experience, a 90% placement success rate, and a network of 5,000+ volunteers. Gvahim was founded in 2006, as a subsidiary of the Rashi Foundation. We are working in partnership with the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and top leading philanthropic foundations around the world.


Connection to the job market: Gvahim has a network of 1,000+ employers. We will prepare Ukrainian Olim with the necessary tools to secure them with relevant employment, free of charge. Our program includes lectures, workshops, 1:1 consultation, mentorship, and placement. This is our core competency, and we are the leading and most efficient organization in Israel in this domain. We can ensure a smooth transition for them, including integration into Israeli society.

Emotional support from Gvahim´s Olim community that comprises 5,000+ volunteers and mentors, willing to help and provide Ukrainian Olim with immediate emotional support, including specialists, and embracing them during this very difficult time.

Direct economic support for Olim: Israel is one of the most expensive countries in the world, and Olim are in critical need of additional support during their first year in the country.

“The highest level of tzedakah is to give a person in need a job”


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