Starting your career over in Israel and wondering where to begin? Moving your life to a new country can be challenging. Once you arrive in Israel and settle down, the next step is usually to secure a job. As an Oleh/Olah, you will need to learn the best way to search for your next challenge in Israel.

The Gvahim Career Center provides Olim and returning residents with the essential tools to build their career in Israel, including career workshops, personal career coaching, access to a professional network, and 1-on-1 mentoring by key industry professionals.

If you’re not sure where to begin, you may find new ideas in this article.

Start by asking yourself what positions you would like to target and that are in line with your experience. Then, work on your CV (preferably one page), highlighting your skills and professional experience according to the job description requirements.

Another piece of the puzzle is where to look for job offers.
Social media is a very effective tool for job searching in Israel. Which social media platforms should you use?


The most important tool for your job search. If you do not already have an account, it’s time to create a winning profile. Once you do, start connecting, expanding your network, and optimizing your profile. LinkedIn algorithms are excellent, as they will display job listings that are relevant to your skills and professional background. However,

LinkedIn is not only a tool for finding a job; you can also use it for market research. Before you go to an interview, read about the company and get a full picture of the atmosphere and its employees. If you see a position you would like to apply to, you can also directly approach and introduce yourself to HR managers, recruiters and hiring managers. This is a widespread method in Israel so, don’t be shy.


Did you know that Israel is at the top of the list of OECD countries using Facebook? It’s only natural that it be used while searching for a job. To get exposure to positions in your field, my advice is to join relevant groups focused on your professional background. For example, if you are a marketing manager, you can search, join, and get involved in professional marketing groups.

Remember my first tip about networking? Your new motto is “don’t be shy.” Feel free to reach out and write an introductory post in these groups. Bear in mind that recruiters will review your Facebook profile! Check your profile before starting your job search and, if necessary, change your privacy settings.


This is a great tool to start building your network in Israel. You can attend meet-ups based on your hobbies and/or profession. Many companies host these events, so this is an opportunity to meet the team and maybe pass your CV.

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