One of the main commandments of Passover, on Seder night, is to recount the story of the Exodus from Egypt, which occurred over 3,000 years ago. We tell the story again and again, in order to know, in order to remember…

I’d like to tell you another story, one about all of us that make up the Gvahim community.

Let’s start with a  bit of history. As you may know, Gvahim is a non-profit organization established about 15 years ago, with the mission to assist Olim with their successful professional integration in Israel.

Over the years, much effort has been made to expand the organization’s network of volunteers and employers to create relevant employment opportunities for Olim in Israeli companies. Gradually, Gvahim found itself forming many significant relationships with large and small companies in the Israeli market that were happy to recruit Olim through us for a variety of positions.

These relationships were built on the basis of personal acquaintances, mutual trust and professionalism by the Gvahim team that knows how to connect the right people to the right employers. At the time, our services were provided at no charge to employers.

About two years ago, after Pesach 2019, Gvahim introduced a new model for working with employers, one that aims to promote self-sustainability for Gvahim, in order to ensure its continued existence for future generations (feel it is related to Pesach? Generation to generation…

It is important for me to share with you that Gvahim’s staff makes every effort to add new Israeli companies to our “Olim Friendly Employer Club”. During the past year, we recruited over 40 employers for the benefit of Olim!

Each company that joins this club is the result of a long process of introductions, conversations and meetings during which we tell Gvahim’s story – your story! We view these partnerships as of paramount importance, by which we create additional opportunities for job-seekers and an engine for self-sustainability over time.

While the employment market is stabilizing, employers are aware of the continued challenges faced by Olim in securing suitable employment. We meet with employers who promote diversity and are happy to take part in the successful professional integration of Olim.

We are always happy to receive inquiries from employers who are interested in working with us, and we would very much appreciate introductions across any industry or field of activity.

You are more than welcome to refer us to employers who want to join the Olim Friendly Employer Club, for future generations

Please email Lior at liorb@gvahim.org.il