New Year, New Look, New Website

With the start of the New Year approaching – Rosh Hashana 5782 – We, at Gvahim decided it was time to refresh our look as well. New logos, a unified brand, and a modern website: we’re ready for a new year’s fresh start. So, what has changed?

Multi-lingual Website

Gvahim serves Olim from all over the world. To make your Aliyah journey more effortless, we aim to provide as many of our services as possible in a variety of languages. Yet, our old website was primarily in English. We wanted to change this. Therefore, our website is now fully available in five different languages: English, Hebrew, French, Russian and Spanish. And, as we speak, we’re working on the sixth – Portuguese – as well.

You may be surprised regarding the inclusion of Hebrew. After all, it’s not the native language of most Olim. We decided to include Hebrew for two reasons. Firstly, we provide our services to returning residents (Toshav Hozer) as well. Secondly, we want to reach out to the Israeli public. There are many Israelis that want to know about the work we’re doing. And we want the public sector and Israeli companies, including our Israeli partners, to better understand our mission and work.

Focus on Olim

We put Olim at the center of our new website— in terms of both content and user experience. We crafted the content so that it reflects the story of Olim and provides the information YOU need. After all, we are here to help increase your chance of success in Israel. Also, we ensured that each page clearly describes the next steps you need to take.

Part of telling the story of Olim is the stronger emphasis on their experiences with our programs. With that goal in mind, we created a dedicated page featuring their testimonials, so that you can better understand how we helped them in similar situations.

Easier to Navigate

We restructured the entire website to make it easier to navigate. You can access every page directly from the menu. So, all the information you need is just one click away. There are fewer pages because we only included the most relevant information for Olim. Altogether, the result is that it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for.

Unified Brand

Last but not least, we wanted to create a more unified brand. Our members not only participate in our programs; they are part of the entire Gvahim family. Previously each program had its own logo and styling; as a result, many Olim only felt connected to the programs in which they participated. By creating a unified brand, we want our participants to feel that they are part of the entire Gvahim family.

So please take a look at our new website, and let us know what you think!