Elior Benaroch – Software Engineer at CheckPoint Israel

Elior Benaroch has a first degree in Mathematics and a second in Computer Sciences, both from top level universities in France. And he is a returning citizen. So you would think his path to a successful career in Israel was paved with golden bricks. But no, it wasn’t. For him Gvahim was key to enter a much desired career in hi-tech, and bring his experience, talent, energy to the start-up nation.

“With a master degree recognized and sought by companies, I thought that finding a job in Israel would be a formality. It was not the case. The labor market is different here, in its structure and demand. During the training with Gvahim, I gradually understood what was wrong in my approach. Less than a month later, I was doing interviews that I did not have access to before”
Elior Benaroch, now a Junior Programmer at Checkpoint Israel 

While Israel needs to employ thousands of new engineers every year, to keep up with the growth of the start-up ecosystem and keep up with international competition for the most innovative nation, Elior’s story is much more typical than expected. Cultural barriers, lack of knowledge on the trends of the hi-tech in Israel, lack of the networks and connections that enable Israelis to access to interviews for not published openings, these are only a few of the difficulties that new immigrants as well as returning citizens face. That’s why Gvahim in 2017 started a new career program, fully dedicated to Software Engineers and engineering professions. See more here: http://gvahim.org.il/software-engineers-program/

GV MAG – Issue n. 1 – Rosh Ha-Shanah 5778 / September 2017