Best tips to finding a job in Israel

Best tools:

  1. Social networks
    • LinkedIn
      ✓ Your profile photo should not be taken at a party. Should be friendly and current.
      ✓ Check for HR in your area.
    • Facebook
      ✓ Join different groups that advertise jobs.
      ✓ Make sure your profile is positive, and not weird or negative.
  2. Networking meetings
    • Ask to meet headhunters and recruiters. They might become your sales agents in the Israeli job market.
    • Go to networking meetings; use MeetUp.
    • Ask your friends and relatives to help you find relevant positions at their places of work.
  3. Job boards
    • Check the job section of newspapers for government positions.
    • Apply everywhere, even to companies not looking for someone. Your first job is to find a job.
    • Found a position? Send CV+ connect to HR of the company via LinkedIn.
  4. Gvahim


Preparing a CV that will get you hired:

  1. Tailor your resume to the job you’re seeking. Highlight only those aspects that are 100% relevant.
  2. Have a portfolio ready.
  3. It’s OK if your CV is in English, but add some Hebrew in the message or cover letter to impress the recruiter.
  4. Work on improving your Hebrew; real integration depends on that factor.
  5. The Israeli market values experience over education, so include all relevant work experience.


If you land an interview, remember this:

  1. When the company calls you about your resume, it’s not a friendly conversation. It is a completely formal interview.
  2. Worried about forgetting important info for the phone interview? Use the “Notes” app on your phone.
  3. Dress code: Wear smart-casual, not suits nor shorts.
  4. Compromise but don’t settle. Be firm with your requirements, but also be willing to try new positions.