Your career
in Israel

Did you just move to Israel, or are you considering making Aliyah? Now what? We know that career-building requires a solid foundation based on a professional network, tools, knowledge, and continuous support. Whether you want to develop your own startup or land your dream job, we are here for you. Together, we will build your professional path in Israel.


Aliyah Prep

Chart a new career before you get your Israeli passport. Our pre-Aliyah program provides you with a network, knowledge, tools, and best practices via a series of online workshops. And, all this is available in English, Spanish, and Russian.


Start your career journey from wherever you are in the world and become part of the leading Olim Developer Community. We offer personalized career tracks for software engineers and data scientists during both pre- and post-Aliyah stages.


Career Programs

Get your career on track today! Under the close and friendly guidance of experts and mentors, including one-on-one consultations, you will develop skills for entering the Israeli job market. Gvahim has a nationwide career program and a program for olim in Jerusalem.

Entrepreneurship Programs

Are you an early-stage entrepreneur and do you want to take your venture to the next level? Then look no further. We provide 5-month acceleration programs and 5-week business acceleration programs to support founders and co-founders of startups and businesses.

Gvahim programs increase your
chances of success in Israel:

Future Olim

are equipped with skill sets to minimize cultural and professional gaps

Post-Aliyah job seekers

acquire tools for enabling smoother access into the Israeli job market and social integration in the Israeli workplace

Post-Aliyah entrepreneurs

are equipped with practical knowledge, tools, and an extensive network to connect with the Israeli ecosystem


5000 +

Alumni Secured Jobs

800 +

Partnering Companies

500 +

Mentors Across Industries and Areas of Expertise

300 +

Startups & Businesses Accelerated

90 %+

Placement Success Rate

About us


Gvahim is a non-profit organization that provides Olim and Returning Residents with the network, tools, knowledge, and support to find employment or build startups/businesses in Israel.

We are also committed to supporting Olim in becoming active members of Israeli society so that they can realize their professional and social aspirations.



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Gvahim's Entrepreneurship Program


Gvahim's Tech Program

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