International Start-Up Accelerator

INTERNATIONAL STARTUPS IN THE STARTUP NATION | Upcoming program: May 2016 in Ashdod - June 2016 in Tel-Aviv

Accelerate your startup in Israel

TheHive by Gvahim is an international startup accelerator which operates two programs in Tel-Aviv and Ashdod, providing entrepreneurs, immigrants, and returning citizens with tools and mentoring to create and develop their startup in Israel.


A multinational entrepreneurial environment

Olim, returning citizens and Israeli entrepreneurs all operate in a shared working space, with a wide mix of talents and ideas, to create a truly international atmosphere.

Top-tier mentors, experts and investors

Through our network of mentors and industry experts, we work to help your business to become part of Israel’s renowned startup ecosystem.

A non-profit, independent organization

We are committed to doing what’s best for your business. The only partnerships we consider are the ones who are beneficial for you.

No Equity taken

We do not invest in startups and we do not take equity. You have 100% control over your venture and we are here to help and support you as much as you need.

As a non-profit organization, our only desire is your success. As such, we are committed to doing what is best for you and your business and we will only ever consider creating partnerships that are seen as beneficial for you.


The 6-month Start-up accelerator program includes:

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