Success Stories

Moses Sutton
Jerusalem Career Program Participant

“How did I find my job? I arrived in Israel fresh out of grad school with an engineering degree in my hand and a dream in my heart. After my first few months in Israel searching for a job with no luck, I heard about Gvahim’s new program in Jerusalem and decided to give it a try. At Gvahim I fine-tuned my résumé and my mentor prepared me for interviewing. Soon enough I had been invited to a few interviews and ended up receiving a job offer from Apple.
Gvahim helped me put my best foot forward and when I did, I discovered that Israelis value the talent and skills Olim bring to the table, but also their enthusiasm and spirit.“

Gabriel Lipschutz
TheHive Tel Aviv Entrepreneur

I moved to Israel from Belgium in April 2015 after completing a degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Technology Entrepreneurship with the goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Prior to joining TheHive, I had three potential ideas for a startup but no team and no connections in Israel. TheHive Start-up Accelerator Program in Tel Aviv introduced me to Avi Sharvit, a software developer, who had a similar idea to mine. We decided to become a team and four months later we founded our startup Appevivo, an app that can be used inside any partner restaurant to easily choose, order and pay from the client’s phone. It is almost ready to launch the MVP in 3 restaurants in Tel Aviv.
Throughout my experience at TheHive I met many professionals relevant to our industry who helped us better identify and tackle our critical success factors. A couple of highlights so far include meeting members of the Rotary Club, Google Launch Pad and Open Startup event where we received an office around the Rothschild area for the event. Furthermore, working together with other teams who are in the same situation proved to be extremely valuable. Everybody helps each other out, and there is just a great supportive atmosphere.

TheHive accelerator program has been an exciting journey so far that I can recommend to anyone who’s new to the Israeli startup scene.

One tip:
“Familiarize yourself with lean startup methodologies and find a mentor in your industry”

Brian Bishko
TheHive Tel Aviv Entrepreneur

Date of Aliyah: 17th March 2009 (St Patricks Day, have a Guinness)

Name of Startup: Sovevos

The Hive has given my co-founder and I a strong framework in which to work. I’ve started companies before, but not in the high-tech scene in Israel: connections are key here and through The Hive I’ve met so many people who are already helping me. I also feel able to give back to the community myself.

Tip: Take every meeting with anyone you can and attend every event. You have no idea what a chance meeting will bring you.

Dov Zales
TheHive Ashdod Entrepreneur

I made Aliyah from Uruguay in 2003 and worked as a Project Manager in the Telecommunications Engineering and Product Development fields. Some years later I decided to reinvent myself and become an entrepreneur. This is why I joined TheHive Ashdod Start-up Accelerator program which provided me with the tools to become a successful entrepreneur by introducing me to the Israeli Startup ecosystem and connected me to the relevant networks in Israel.

I’m currently the CEO of Snappers, a live stream on demand service which allows bloggers, freelance journalists, influencers, and the general public to order a live video from people in a specific location or event and broadcast it in realtime. Additionally, I became an Android Developer after graduating from the program.

My tip for a future participant of TheHive: “Be flexible. The concept of your project will constantly change throughout the program and this is a very good thing. This should happen”

For more information about Snappers:

Nathalie Garson
Gvahim Career Program Consultant

Nathalie Garson is a Consultant in Strategy, a Business Coach and a Lecturer with more than 15 years of experience. She has worked in the United States and in France and made Aliyah to Israel 11 years ago.
Nathalie holds a BA in English from the City College of New York and an Executive MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Today, she is the Founder & CEO of Yazamut Israel – Entreprendre Israel which provides consulting, coaching and business services to entrepreneurs and businesses from Israel and abroad.
In addition, she is a consultant expert in Aliyah from France. She also works for different Israeli Government institutions  such as MATI, Gvahim, Jewish Agency, Keren Layedidut, Ministry of Absorption and World Zionist Oorganization, and many other nonprofit organizations.

Lital Parush-David
Head of HR Israel at Amdocs

At Amdocs we recruit new Olim who bring education and experience appropriate for various positions. We hire new Olim to work on a variety of functions spread across various divisions and levels including senior management positions.
We are proud of their unique contributions and believe that they bring with them many added values such as international experience, languages skills and high motivation.
Recruiting newcomers is consistent with Amdocs’ desire to diversify our work culture and we value  pluralism as a source of innovation.

We value our partnership with Gvahim that assists and supports the “New Zionists” who have a great impact on Israel.