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Tomer, entrepreneur from TheHive by Gvahim

Aliyah from South Africa, Co-Founder and CEO of Parko

Tomer joined TheHiveby Gvahim program after he decided to leave his well-paid job in an Israeli high-tech sector to fulfill his dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the Startup nation. With much success and help from TheHive by Gvahim “Parko”, an app that helps drivers in Tel Aviv spend less time circling for parking, was launched http://www.parko.co.il/home.

From his experience, there is no better way to become a part of an Israeli ecosystem than joining an accelerator. “TheHive by Gvahim connected us to the rest of the industry. We have access to experienced mentors that help us through all the difficult decisions that you need to make early in the startup phase” – says Tomer.

Now, after a few years of hard work, Parko’s co-founders closed its A round of investment, raising $ 1,1 million and becoming one of the most interesting startups in Israel. For Tomer, an Oleh Hadash from South Africa, the experience as an Israeli entrepreneur managing a leading company in the startup ecosystem means achieving his long-term professional plans in Israel. He thinks that with the help of organizations like Gvahim, Israel becomes a better place for Jews all around the world.




TheHive by Gvahim connected us to the rest of the industry
- Tomer.
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