Professionals Story
Jerusalem Career Program Participant

Moses Sutton

“How did I find my job? I arrived in Israel fresh out of grad school with an engineering degree in my hand and a dream in my heart. After my first few months in Israel searching for a job with no luck, I heard about Gvahim’s new program in Jerusalem and decided to give it a try. At Gvahim I fine-tuned my résumé and my mentor prepared me for interviewing. Soon enough I had been invited to a few interviews and ended up receiving a job offer from Apple.
Gvahim helped me put my best foot forward and when I did, I discovered that Israelis value the talent and skills Olim bring to the table, but also their enthusiasm and spirit.



Works at Apple Israel
"Israelis value the talent and skills Olim bring to the table; as well as their enthusiasm and spirit!"
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