1. Dan Hod

    Dan Hod

    “For the past eight years I have mentored many Gvahim participants to help them succeed in their professional and social integration in Israel. The future of Israel depends on our ability to integrate new immigrants into Israel’s economy and society. The success of an ole’s professional and social integration depends on whether or not they find […]

  2. Stuart Ballan

    Stuart Ballan

    “The Israeli culture is diametrically opposite in many ways from European and American cultures”, commented Stuart Ballan, when asked why he regularly volunteers at Gvahim, “In just a few hours, leaning on 17 years experience of Israel, I can help accelerate small groups of new immigrants up the “israeli” learning curve, for example, with interviewing […]

  3. Nachum Lev

    Nachum Lev

    After finishing my high-profile career, I  decided to become an independent investor and mentor early stage Start-ups at TheHive by Gvahim achieve their dreams in Israel. I appreciate the courage and passion Olim have to come to Israel and start their own business in an unknown environment. As a mentor, I help those who need the tools and guidance […]