1. Being a Ole Hadash (new immigrant) is not a weakness, your difference is your strength

  2. Lea Akoka

    Lea Akoka

    Through Gvahim’s internship program I fulfilled my life- long dream of working for El-Al. I learned a lot about myself and grew professionally during my internship opportunity in the Customer Relations Department at El-Al. The beauty of the Gvahim internship program is that the program is not just about your work placement. The program also […]

  3. Simon Babaa

    Simon Babaa

    I joined Gvahim’s professional internship program and Leat leat (slowly), I started to enjoy more and more my Israeli experience! I found an interesting internship with Gvahim where I could work only with locals – so my hebrew became better (especially the Arss one = the hebrew of the street). I did also a lot of Gvahim […]