1. “Find a great mentor who knows your industry and set concrete goals”

  2. Brian Bishko- Entrepreneur

    Brian Bishko- Entrepreneur

    “Take every meeting with anyone you can and attend every event. You have no idea what a chance meeting will bring you.”

  3. I made Aliyah from Uruguay in 2003 and worked as a Project Manager in the Telecommunications Engineering and Product Development fields. Some years later I decided to reinvent myself and become an entrepreneur. This is why I joined TheHive Ashdod Start-up Accelerator program which provided me with the tools to become a successful entrepreneur by […]

  4. I joined Gvahim’s Career program in 2014 after making Aliyah from Uruguay in 2012. Afterwards I participated in Gvahim’s startup accelerator, TheHive in Ashdod. My startup is in the process of developing a system to treat balance disorders and have already received support from the Office of Chief Scientist. My experience with Gvahim was extremely positive […]

  5. Tomer


    Aliyah from South Africa, Co-Founder and CEO of Parko Tomer joined TheHiveby Gvahim program after he decided to leave his well-paid job in an Israeli high-tech sector to fulfill his dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the Startup nation. With much success and help from TheHive by Gvahim “Parko”, an app that helps drivers in Tel Aviv spend less time […]