1. Jerusalem Career Program Participant

    Jerusalem Career Program Participant

    Moses Sutton, Olah from New York, works as a Validation Engineer at Apple

  2. I made Aliyah from Spain in 2013 and participated in Gvahim’s Career program in 2015. The program helped me to better understand the Israeli work dynamics and to help me build a new professional network in Israel. Making Aliyah it’s not just about moving to a new country, weather and language. When making Aliyah you have to change […]

  3. “Find a great mentor who knows your industry and set concrete goals”

  4. Gvahim Career Program Consultant

    Gvahim Career Program Consultant

    HR Consultant with over 15 years of experience

  5. Being a Ole Hadash (new immigrant) is not a weakness, your difference is your strength

  6. Head of HR Israel at Amdocs

    Head of HR Israel at Amdocs

    At Amdocs we recruit new Olim who bring education and experience appropriate for various positions. We hire new Olim to work on a variety of functions spread across various divisions and levels including senior management positions. We are proud of their unique contributions and believe that they bring with them many added values such as international experience, languages […]

  7. Dan Hod

    Dan Hod

    “For the past eight years I have mentored many Gvahim participants to help them succeed in their professional and social integration in Israel. The future of Israel depends on our ability to integrate new immigrants into Israel’s economy and society. The success of an ole’s professional and social integration depends on whether or not they find […]

  8. I joined Gvahim’s Career program in 2014 after making Aliyah from Uruguay in 2012. Afterwards I participated in Gvahim’s startup accelerator, TheHive in Ashdod. My startup is in the process of developing a system to treat balance disorders and have already received support from the Office of Chief Scientist. My experience with Gvahim was extremely positive […]

  9. Tomer


    Aliyah from South Africa, Co-Founder and CEO of Parko Tomer joined TheHiveby Gvahim program after he decided to leave his well-paid job in an Israeli high-tech sector to fulfill his dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the Startup nation. With much success and help from TheHive by Gvahim “Parko”, an app that helps drivers in Tel Aviv spend less time […]

  10. Lea Akoka

    Lea Akoka

    Through Gvahim’s internship program I fulfilled my life- long dream of working for El-Al. I learned a lot about myself and grew professionally during my internship opportunity in the Customer Relations Department at El-Al. The beauty of the Gvahim internship program is that the program is not just about your work placement. The program also […]

  11. Elodie


    Aliyah from France, Content and Marketing Manager at Sweet Inn Gvahim’s program helped me both in facing the Israeli Job Market and to create a network in Israel. I highly appreciated their professionalism and responsiveness. Every single step of the program is meant to teach you useful tools that will help you understand more of what is […]

  12. Dikla Edlis

    Dikla Edlis

    Gvahim’s collaboration with Panaya has been successful in the past few years especially due to the dedication, professionalism and fast response of the great staff at the organization. We have been using our close connections with Gvahim to hire distinguished professionals in Sales and Marketing. As a global company, Panaya, has complicated recruitment needs, but […]