A Farewell By Gali Shahar-Efrat

Dear Gvahim Community,
After three challenging and exciting years as CEO of Gvahim, I have decided to change my professional direction. As such, I recently turned over the helm to my successor, Juan Taifeld. I am very pleased that so much was accomplished during my term, and am certain that Juan will guide the organization to new heights, as per the meaning of the Hebrew word Gvahim.
Gvahim offers career development programs for new immigrants, tailored to Israel’s human resources needs. This enables skilled new Olim to integrate and excel in the Israeli professional arena, and to enhance the country’s human capital with the wide perspective needed in today’s global economy.
Two of our more recent programs that help counter acute personnel shortages are the Olim Medical program (the first pre-aliyah program for French Jewish health professionals) and the Career Program for Hi-tech Engineers.
During the past three years, the percentage of employment amongst highly skilled Olim who trained in our programs rose above 90% in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, a strong foundation upon which Gvahim will build in the coming years.
I want to thank the exceptional Gvahim team of highly dedicated and challenge-loving individuals. I look forward to serving Gvahim in my new capacity as board member, and wish Juan, the team, and “our” Olim the greatest success.
With my warmest gratitude and regards to you – our friends and supporters,
Gali Shahar-Efrat