Your Success in Israel Starts Here

For: Highly-skilled Olim and Returning Israelis | Upcoming Programs: March, April, May 2015

1. What are the requirements to apply?
At least one degree from abroad, Hebrew level aleph + (means you’ve completed at least 1 uplan level), up to 6 years in Israel, and you are looking to start working right away, and 110% committed to the program which includes your job search.

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2. When can I apply?
For all programs, you must be legal to work in Israel.

For the Career Program: Once you arrive in Israel, you can complete the application. We recommend taking some time to settle in to your new life, taking care of all of the bureaucratic necessities: finding an apartment and starting an ulpan, getting health insurance, a bank account and so on. Since it is an intensive program, these things can conflict with your ability to participate.

For the Individual Track: After you have been working in Israel in your field up to 6 years and are looking to move ahead. You understand the market, know and have experienced the job search process.

3. Can I apply while still living abroad?
The Career Program is for new Olim currently living in Israel.
You can apply once you have made Aliyah, are living in Israel and meet the eligibility requirements.

4. What will I learn in the Career Program?
How the job search actually works
How to prepare for job interviews
How to search for a job in person and online
Understand your job options
How to market yourself effectively

5. Is Gvahim a Placement Company?
Gvahim is a community that has created and continues to create several platforms to enhance employment of Olim and Returning Citizens. Training is dedicated to providing the tools, knowledge, and practice necessary for a successful job search. The HR Career Consulting enables participants to identify their individual opportunities in the market. The mentors program provides the emotional, cultural, and professional guidance during the search process. Our team of employment specialists offers their expertise and network, when applicable, in the Israeli market. The entire platform (community, tools, expertise, network, and support) allows each Oleh/Olah to feel confident in taking the driver’s seat of his/her job search.

6 Can I talk to Alumni of the Program?

Of course, please contact the program managers to ask to speak to an Alumni.

7. How long does a job search take?
This answer depends on your field, your level of experience, and your level of Hebrew (depending on profession). The average job search for a native Israeli takes 8 months (which considers all fields and levels of experience, for example, the HR professional market is much smaller than the Marketing professionals market). 80% of our alumni find quality work within one year of completing the program, many earlier.

8. Do I need re-certification or licensing?
Finance, Legal, Medical (including Pyschology and Para-Medical sub-sectors), and Building professions need licensing. For additional information, please visit:

10. How often do programs run?
Career Program: every month and a half
Individual Track: ongoing
Professional Hebrew: 3 times a year: January, after Pesach, after Sukkot
Finance Course with Bank Discount: once a year, usually in the summer

11. What is the commitment fee* for these programs?
Career Acceleration Program – 700 NIS, a mere 10% of the actual cost to support one highly skilled Oleh looking for a job, and ensures your commitment to the process since there is a high demand for the program.
Individual Track – 350 NIS, or 10% of the actual cost and assurance of commitment

The bulk of the costs of our programs is covered by the generous donations of our supporters.

*Please note that if the fee is a financial problem, please contact our Training Manager to discuss options, as this should not be the deciding factor.