Blockchain – is it the new big thing?

15th May 2018
Rise Tel Aviv - Ahad Haam 54, Tel Aviv, 5th Floor


People are always waiting for the next big thing. We have had the Internet, mobile phones, social networks which have changed our life and mentality. But we have also had google glasses, segway and… Dutch tulips. These things are cool, but not that big after all. So how about the blockchain? Is it the next big thing?

This is not an easy question to answer these days: the technology is just starting to develop, and most of the knowledge around it is created and shared by techies for techies. But what if you are not the one?

Rise Tel Aviv, the open innovation platform of Barclays, Gvahim, an Israeli non-profit working with highly-skilled new immigrants and Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipal Department for Immigrant Absorption are joining forces to make blockchain more accessible to people who want to understand the implications and applications of blockchain but lack technical background.

We are gathering on May 15th at Rise to talk in a jargon-less language about the basics of blockchain and to try to understand whether it is the next big thing.

Our panelists:

Yaron Samid, a serial entrepreneur, CEO and board director with 4 exits, founder of  Novadea Angel Fund and TechAviv Founders Club

Ruth Polachek, CEO and Co-founder at Fincheck, as well as Chairwoman and Founder at she codes; the community of female developers

Nimrod May, a startup investor and marketer, CMO at Sirin Labs, a blockchain consumer electronic company

Ouriel Ohayon, a long time entrepreneur and investor, CEO at Codename Django, a startup focused on crypto custody and a co-founder of ISAI Gestion, an early-stage startup investment fund