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According to a report published in June 2015 by the Israel Advanced Technology Industries there is a need for 10,000 engineers to ensure that the high-tech sector in Israel will continue growing. Gvahim developed a program to connect this demand for professionals to the potential Olim and returning citizens who are exploring employment opportunities in Israel.

The Software Engineers’ Career Program offers:

• Assessment with an Aliyah Consultant
• HR Consultations
• Webinars about the Israeli market
• CV adapted to the Israeli Market
• Job offers from Gvahim’s network
• Access to Gvahim’s network

Highly-skilled immigrants’ expertise, training and education, as well as high qualifications will provide significant benefit and contribution to the economic development of Israel and will answer the human capital deficiency in the hi-tech industry.

To apply send your resume to Norma Altamirano, Program Manager: or call her at +972-52 683 1123

Career Program for Software Engineers