GVAHIM – גבהים (heights)

GVAHIM – גבהים (heights)

Every year, thousands of academic and professional Olim make aliyah to Israel.
And the numbers increase every year.

What sets them apart is their dedication and ambition.
They are an asset to any Israeli company and society they join.
For these people, there’s only one way to go, and that way is up.

Gvahim provides them with all the tools they need in order to find quality jobs and succeed in a new career in Israel:

  • Knowledge about their field of work
  • Tips on culture clash and integration
  • HR consultancy to re-write their CV in an “Israeli” style
  • Networking events
  • A personalized tutor who gives them connections and ideas for their new job

Our mission is to provide Olim with the tools, guidance and network to rebuild a successful career in Israel and to contribute to Israel’s economy and society.

To date, Gvahim contributed enhancing the careers of more than 2,400 new professionals Olim, through effective partnerships with more than 650 leading Israeli businesses, the contribution of more than 400 mentors volunteers, and the continuous support of our donors.

Your Professional Future in Israel

“There is a border along the length and a border along the width, but there is no border in terms of ‘heights’. You are a hope for our people, a hope for our country, may you be blessed.”President Shimon Peres, addressing highly-qualified Olim at Gvahim’s Launch Event.

  Career Programs for Olim

TheHive Accelerator for Entrepreneurs in Tel-Aviv and in Ashdod

  Internships in Israel

pre alyah  Pre-Alyah Program


What We Do?

Quality Jobs for Olim

We offer Olim and returning citizens the tools, guidance and community to find a first quality position in Israel, at the level of their qualifications, experience and career goals.

Israel's Brain Gain

We enable Israel-based companies and professionals to find top employees, networking opportunities and bridges to foreign markets. And it enables Israel to benefit from a fully-realized “Brain Gain”.

Our Professional Networks

Finance & consulting Hi Tech & marketing Non-Profit & Public sector Life Sciences Legal Network Consumer Goods Arts & Culture


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